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Business SSL Certificates

Protect sensitive data transferred over the internet with a Business Grade SSL Certificate.

Customer Data Protection
SSL Certificates ensure your customers their personal information and data is protected
Business Transaction Protection
SSL Certificates provide protection for your business transactions and data

* Professional Business Web Hosting Services from Verity Hosting

Business Grade SSL Certificate Options
We take business data protection seriously, which is why we offer one of the most trusted SSL certificates available today. By purchasing your SSL certificates through Verity Hosting, you can be sure your data is always protected.

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GeoTrust Quick SSL Basic

QuickSSL is ideal for mail servers, routers, switches, server-to-server communication, and Intranets. Use QuickSSL Basic if you're only concerned about encrypting data between a user's web browser and your server. Recommended for non-customer-facing websites.
Starting at: $ 119 50 /year
term agreement
includes installation

GeoTrust Certificate

GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium - Best Seller

Our best-selling SSL certificate. QuickSSL Premium is just the thing for e-commerce sites that accept credit cards and other types of payment transactions. We recommend QuickSSL Premium for the average commercial website selling products or services. QuickSSL Premium supports up to three additional Subject Alternative Names.
Starting at: $ 146 50 /year
term agreement
includes installation

GeoTrust Certificate

GeoTrust Extended Validation (EV) SSL

True BusinessID with Extended Validation (EV) high-assurance SSL. EV is recommended for well known, high-risk customer-facing sites, banking applications, financial sites, serious e-commerce sites, or any site where sensitive personal information is exchanged.
Starting at: $ 269 00 /year
term agreement
includes installation

GeoTrust Certificate

GeoTrust Wildcard SSL Certificate

Wildcard SSL is designed to secure multiple sites that share the same base domain (e.g., ''). For example, you could use one Wildcard SSL certificate to secure,, and Install the Wildcard on as many servers as you like.
Starting at: $ 479 00 /year
term agreement
includes installation

GeoTrust Certificate

Benefits of SSL Certificates
  • Protection for your business data
  • Protection for your customers transactions
  • Purchase and Renew through Verity Hosting for no lapse of coverage
  • Multiple SSL choices from a highly reputable issuing company

What is an SSL certificate

An SSL certificate is a encryption that helps protect clients data when interacting with your website. It puts the "s" in https and is now being required by most search engines like Google and most browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Website browsers will even show warnings to your clients that your website is note safe if you do not include an SSL cert on your website.

Why Choose Verity Hosting for your SSL's?

One of the big advantages of using our hosting services is that we make sure you never have any downtime do to late renewals or missed updates to your SSL certs. If you have any question about our SSL certs please give us a call at 1-800-711-1443

In today's internet, having an SSL certificate on your website is really a must have item. Here at Verity Hosting our team will monitor and maintain your SSL certificate, which needs to be renewed each year. The renewal is a verification process between the SSL certificate provider and the web server that is hosting your website.


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