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Why Do I Need a Domain Name for My Business?

Posted on December 28, 2022 | By Verity Hosting Business Post

Why do i need a domain name for my business?

Most customers today turn to Google searches as their first point of contact when finding out more about a product or service. A good online presence with an easily identifiable domain name increases the likelihood of your business making a lot more sales and, therefore, money.

One of the most effective and long-lasting ways to reach your target market is through a well-maintained website. And what is a website without a good domain name that people can remember? If you want to leave your brand name stamped on the minds of your potential customers, then you need a combination of a good website and a good domain name.

A strong online presence is vital to success, whether you're an already established brand or a young company.

What is a domain name?

Before we get too far into why having a good "domain name" is important, let us look at what a domain name is and what it is used for in your business.

On the internet, IP addresses are used to route traffic to the proper location. An example would be, which points to our business website.

However, IP addresses are more difficult to memorize, so domain names provide a word-based format that is much easier to remember and type when searching the internet.

Each domain name must be unique, so you cannot use a name that already belongs to another website. However, you could buy an existing domain name from its current owner if the owner is willing to sell it.

How to obtain a domain name

Finding the right domain for your business can be tricky, as many of the good domain names are no longer available. Here at, we can help you find your business domain name and give you some great tips for establishing your business online.

Give us a call at 1-800-711-1443, as we would be happy to help find the perfect domain name for your business.

Registering your business domain name as quickly as possible is an excellent idea, as there is a limited supply of good domains still available.

There are domain name extensions other than .com, but it's best to stick with a .com domain as it looks more professional. If you are an organization or tech company, then you can use a .net or a .org for your website and email.

Why should you get a domain name?

You may be asking yourself why I need a domain name with all the great opportunities to promote your business online. This would include social media, video, business listings the list goes on.

However, as a business, you want to be widely visible to your target market and have strong brand authority. In that case, you will not meet your business goals by using these sites and platforms alone.

So to be professional, you are going to need a good business domain name. One that reflects your product or services. One that sounds professional and looks professional.

1. A good business domain name brings authority.

It can be seen as unprofessional to host all your content on social media platforms or third-party blogging platforms, which could significantly undermine your efforts to build your brand identity.

Most of these social media platforms are used for informal sharing and personal blogs, so it can be quite challenging to establish your business as authoritative and trustworthy through these sites alone.

This is where having a unique domain name comes into play. A domain name lets your customers know that your business is legitimate.

2. It gives you complete control over your business name

When you buy the rights to a domain name, it becomes exclusively reserved for your use as long as you keep the domain registered. The main point would be to help secure your brand and business identity for as long as you are in business.

It can be risky to post your original content on a third-party platform. All it takes for your brand identity and content to vanish would be for the hosting site to close down. Also, some sites claim ownership of anything posted on them, so you may not truly own your content.

3. A domain name is searchable and unique

Notice that after signing up for a third-party site or creating an account on a social media/blogging site, your given space under their domain name. So your business will then be under their business name. Not something you want when you are trying to establish your brand.

On the other hand, having your own domain name helps you have a strong brand presence. It lets you assume complete control over your online identity and how your content is used. And it is a great way to build confidence in your business.

When you use a domain name that is unique to your business, your brand identity is then communicated to your users in a way that is very easy to remember. This is why you should spend some time thinking about the right domain name that conveys the entire purpose of your brand to your customers.

Choosing the right domain name

The name you choose is very important to your brand as it will be the first show of your identity to potential customers. That is why you need to understand the different types of domain names to decide which would work best for your business.

For new startups, we recommend that you choose a domain name that matches your business name so customers can easily navigate to your site without getting confused. It also provides a great chance for you to choose a unique name for your business and get that domain name before even announcing yourself to the public.

If you have an already established business, then you should implement some creativity in selecting your domain name, especially if your company name is not available for purchase.

There are a couple of factors that you should keep in mind when selecting a domain name for your business:

1. The length of the name

Keeping your domain name short and easy to remember should always be the goal. The ideal name is between 6-10 letters, but eight should be the aim.

Keeping the name concise, simple, and easy to type should take priority over a descriptive and long name. It is much easier to misspell a long domain name than a simple, short one.

You should also avoid using numbers and symbols like hyphens because they can over-complicate your domain name and get users easily frustrated. It is important to keep things as simple as possible.

2. Using Keywords in your name

Keywords refer to words related to the service or product being offered, and they can be used in a domain name. An example is the domain name ""

Many people believe that using keywords in their domain name will automatically lead to more traffic flowing to their website. However, Google has now significantly reduced the impact that keywords have on this, increasing the impact of branding instead.

So, using keywords in your domain name becomes less about trying to drive more Google search results to your website and more about letting customers know what you offer right from your domain name.

3. New top-level domains(nTLDS) and Top-level generic domains(gTLDS)

nTLDS and gTLDS refer to the extensions that are used with your domain name. The most effective and popular one, and by quite some distance, is .com. It is the most recognizable, most trusted, and easiest to remember out of the TLDs available. The most common extensions are .com, .net, and .org.

You should also note that some TLDs come with specific restrictions attached to them. Some extensions like .name, .biz, and. pro are assigned only to businesses or professionals with credentials.

There are also sponsored TLDs like .museum, .mobi., and .aero that are overseen by specific sponsors who establish the rules of eligibility for that community.

New top-level domains or nTLDS are extensions that are regularly released to supplement the limited availability of gTLDS. They help out businesses in specific locations or niche markets. Some of these extensions include .reviews, .wedding, .restaurant, .yoga, .properties, .tours, etc. These domains have their place; however, I would stick with a good .com for most businesses and .org for most organizations.

Think about the other variations that your customers might type into the browser's search bar and purchase them as well. This will help you ensure that your online identity is entirely yours and that your website can easily be located.

What if your domain name is not available?

Suppose your domain name is already taken, or you can't afford to purchase a premium domain name. In that case, you can use one of these alternatives.

1. Use an abbreviated or slightly altered version of the domain name you desire. You can get as creative as possible as long as you choose a name that is simple and relates directly to your brand and what you offer.

2. Instead of using the company name, you can use a catchy slogan or another alternative. Ensure that this slogan reflects your brand and is easy to recognize.


Having a domain name for your business today is very important for many reasons. Apart from the visibility and online presence it gives, it also puts you in complete control over your brand's online identity and any content you put out.

It would be best if you put a lot of thought into choosing your domain name, as it could last for the life of your business. And if you already know what domain name to get, we highly suggest registering it as soon as possible. Don't wait till your entire project is ready before you reserve your domain.

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